Video: Max Scherzer Drunk, Blowing A Whistle, Dancing In Full Uniform Is The Reason He’s A Champion

Nov 3, 2019

Dude couldn’t lift his right arm for a week, then went out and played the biggest part in Washington’s game 7 win.
Max Scherzer can dry hump a stop sign naked if he wants in DC right now.
The Nats were 19-31 after Bryce Harper’s defection and left for dead again a few months ago. His window was closed (again), barely open, then crowned a champion in 5 months so he’s getting Mike Napoli wasted for at least 14 days.  

Image result for Boston World series shirtless drunk player

Image result for Boston World series shirtless drunk player

Mike Napoli was the best but, I love Max Scherzer.  Adrian Beltre is my all-time favorite baseball player but Max Scherzer is top 5 for the same reason.

He never complains.

While Bryce was selling his soul to the Devil, Scherzer smiled and showed up to Spring Training to work cracking jokes, putting pepper in rookies jockstraps.

He’s one of the most colorful, genuine personalities in the game.

He’d rather die than lose a game or not make a start.

He’s LOVES being a Nat.

He’s been drunk since last week because he’s a champion.

Go get em, Max.  Load up on water and Vitamin C to avoid gout and the daily hangovers.


Dean Blundell

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