Video – @bigwax Is The Rap Genius Your Playlist Needs More Of

Shug McSween Mar 9, 2019

Big Wax, get to know the name.

Mike Jones, aka Big Wax aka Wax arrived on the scene with his ‘New Crack’ release in 2008 via YouTube and his rap videos have displaying his limitless talent ever since. There aren’t many rappers in the game who can perfect the flow like Wax. His rhymes are stupidly intelligent and magically lethal. His stories are detailed and versatile and his ability to spit fury for 5 straight minutes without a hook, is a skill lacking from 85% of the partakers of his profession.

Wax, who is as self made as they come and always true to his fundamental roots, has almost 400,000 YouTube subscribers, goes by the handle ‘waxandherbalt’ on the platform. ‘waxandherbalt’ is a way for Wax to remind the masses, he has a twin brother who is also an authentically talented rapper who goes by the handle Herbal T. His flow is just as nice and he also has serious skills throughout a variety of instruments, actually, they both do.

Melody is in their blood as the twins were born and raised into music and have been dropping entertaining videos displaying their creative gifts for the past decade. The duo hails from Durkin, Maryland and now call the west coast home, where they have resided for years. It hasn’t always come easy for Wax and his brother, as just over a year ago, Wax’s best friend Daniel Carey, aka EOM, a mega talented producer in the hip hop game, passed away from complications with an autoimmune disease. The news shocked the fan base and it was a breath of fresh air to see Big Wax drop videos after in EOM’s honor. If you watch any of Wax’s material, you always know who made the beat, as his EOM shout out is a given and his signature move.

Image result for eom and wax
EOM, will forever make mad beats.

Wax has been busy of late as you’ll find him on the Netflix series “Cooking On High”, hosting comedy and variety shows, all while he continues to deliver on the mic. There is a certain crisp to the air, it feels like he’s due for another elite album of fire. Check out Wax on all the socials, and look out for his name around these parts. Big Wax may just have something to say.

From what’s next to where he’s been, peep Wax using his neighborhood as his studio choice for the day.



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