Video: Melinda Gates Sure Made It Sound Like Bill Knew Jeffery Epstein REALLY, REALLY Well

Mar 5, 2022

Melinda French Gates has 65 billion in the bank, so she gives no fucks when it comes to sewering her ex.  Gayle King ALWAYS gets the scoop from famous divorcees’ and Melinda opens up a keg of pedophile worms when she alluded to the idea Bill still has some SERIOUS  skeletons in his closet.

(BTW – THIS is how you virtue signal and throw shade at your ex.  It’s a masterclass)

She fucking HATES Bill.  If Bill Gates was absolutely NOT guilty of a deeper relationship with Jefferey Epstein, Melinda’s the kind of person who’d put it on Front Street to protect her family and partner of 27 years. She didn’t say any of that.  Instead, she went to great lengths to passive-aggressively open up Pandora’s box with “Those are questions for Bill to answer.”


Do you know who’s gonna LOOOOVE this?  Those wacky Qanon fucks.

This is the kind of sound bite that makes those crazy bastards package up into a promo or meme to congratulate each other for staying the course to crazy town even though Melinda didn’t say “Bill is a pedophile rapist”.  She really just alluded to the fact Bill was down to fuck nerd chicks on the road, but that won’t be the takeaway in Q-Ville.  They are probably all crying for joy into their keyboard hoping they get to share the ambiguous clip with their Jesus Freaked friends as we speak.

But holy shit, Melinda HATES Bill.  The interview was a warning shot and she’s not fucking around.




Dean Blundell

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