Video: Michael Buble Was BLASTED On Shrooms During NHL All-Star Game Press Conference And Now I Want Some!

Feb 2, 2024

Michael Bublé’s VERY public Shroom trip during the NHL ASG press conference was a sight to behold…

( I fucking LOVE Blitzed Bublé, by the way)

Tiny pupils? CHECK.

Child-like answers? CHECK.

An admission that his friend lied about the dose of the micro dose he admitted to taking? CHECKAROONI.

That was a MACRO DOSE.

Shrooms are incredible. Done right, they make you a soft, reflective, fun, cuter little stoner that yammers with perma-grin while laughing uncontrollably for hours.

Done wrong, Shrooms will make you question your existence like you’re the only person on the planet. Bublé NAILED it, and as someone with anxiety who’s been essentially cured of that anxiety over time, Shrooms help. Public speaking, meetings: I know dozens of people who microdose with mushrooms situationally.

Some people do it daily. Shrooms can uniquely force connections in parts of your brain you haven’t used or been dormant for some time. I’ve watched basic morons function like social geniuses AFTER microdosing. I’ve also seen grown-ass adults curl up into the fetal position and ask me to ‘call my mom to see if she’s ok.” while grinding out their trip in a shower. Fully clothed.

So, consult someone who knows before you go “Full Bublé.”

You’re welcome.






Dean Blundell

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