Video: Montreal erased TFC’s playoff hopes when they erased Toronto’s 2-0 lead

Sep 5, 2022

Only my lovely wife was able to witness me have an absolute meltdown at halftime of the Toronto FC game Sunday night. I just couldn’t believe TFC were down 3-2 after going up 2-0.

Heading into Sunday night’s clash against Montreal, Toronto FC were four points out of playoff spot and had played an extra game ahead of everybody in front of them. With five games remaining the task was pretty clear, win. 

Federico Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne got the message. Bernardeschi put TFC 1-0, scoring a penalty in the fifth minute of the game. One minute and forty seconds later Insigne put Toronto up 2-0. I was on cloud nine. What could go wrong, right?

My mistake was briefly forgetting that Alex Bono was in the net for Toronto. In the 19th minute Bono made a solid save off a corner kick, but instead of directing the ball wide, Bono weakly pushed straight ahead of him. CF’s Kamal Miller jumped on the mistake and cut TFC’s goal in half. Two-minutes later Djordje Mihailovic scored a screamer in the top corner, and erased TFC’s advantage. Kei Kamara would complete the comeback putting Montreal up 3-2 in the 43-minute after terrible defending by Chris Mavinga, and a shot Bono should have had a shot at saving.

When it was all said and done Montreal defeated TFC 4-3. I’m gutted. When I saw Insigne’s face after the first half I could see all the fight had been drained from his body. I don’t want to take anything away from Montreal, after going down 2-0 they took control of the game. However, when Alex Bono let in another shitty goal, it’s dejecting. Not only did Bono not come up with a big save when TFC really needed it, his lack of basic fundamentals started Montreal’s rally. 

There’s no point of even discussing playoffs anymore. Montreal erased TFC’s playoff hopes when they erased Toronto 2-0 lead. Toronto FC needs to address goaltending this offseason. TFC’s roster is too talented to be held down by Alex Bono.

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