Video: Mormon TikTok Influencer Comes Clean About Mormon Swinging And I Just Learned What “Soft Docking” Is

Jun 4, 2022
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All organized religion is a multi-level marketing scheme, so good for Taylor Paul for shaking up the Church Of Latter Day Amway salespeople.

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Taylor Paul is (was) one of the biggest influencers in the Mormon community, and after announcing she and her husband were ‘soft swingers’ who’d been intimate with ‘whole groups’ (orgies). Now her husband has left her, the church has excommunicated her, and she’s about to be the hottest former Mormon on Hinge in the Salt Lake City area.


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Source: The rumor mill began churning when millions tuned in to Paul’s TikTok on May 20, to watch a cryptic video that suggested she’d soon be a single parent.

“My entire life falling apart,” read text over a video in which the soon-to-be divorcee is seen packing moving boxes. “And I can’t even speak on why … without bringing them all down with me,” she added to the footage.

In a follow-up clip posted on the same day, Paul swings a set of keys at the camera amid an empty home. “In my twenties, getting divorced, started therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two kids,” she wrote — fetching 11.6 million views from MomTok’s rapt followers.

According to Mormon insiders (my Mormon friend, Brian), wife swapping is excellent in some Mormon circles as long as you don’t go “All the way” (P in the V or the M or, if you’re fortunate, the B).

Where did Taylor go wrong according to her ex-husband, Tate?

She let his best friend put his P in Taylor’s V despite Tate rubbing his P on other women’s V’s (it’s called “soft docking” in Mormon circles).

Us heathens call it “dry humping” or “Panty F’ing,” but Mormons are classier about this stuff.

You learn something new every day!

To Taylor’s credit, she’s going it alone without Mormon Overlords telling her she’s disappointing her imaginary God every day. She’s free to take any P she wants, anywhere she wants, minus all that Mormon guilt. She never has to sit through a boring sermon about Joseph Smith’s magic underwear again. HUGE fucking bonus.

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Plus, she’s a rocket in her 20s who has some exploring to do, and I’m here for those receipts.  I may even get a TikTok account.


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