Video: No, Justin Bieber’s Facial Paralysis Is Not A Vaccine Related Injury

Jun 11, 2022

You can set your clock to it.

Anytime a celeb has any illness, the alt-right, Church groups, and Russia flood the zone with fake memes and bullshit reports from doctors who don’t exist, screaming “VACCINE INJURY.”

This isn’t it, dummies.

Justin canceled his Toronto shows this week after coming down with a virus called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It’s described (by actual medical doctors, not some jumped-up religious loser on Facebook) as “a painful rash around the ear, on the face, or the mouth. It occurs when the varicella-zoster virus infects a nerve in the head.” The varicella-zoster virus that causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome is the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles.

In people with this syndrome, the virus is believed to infect the facial nerve near the inner ear. This leads to irritation and swelling of the nerve.

The condition mainly affects adults. In rare cases, it is seen in children.

It’s a virus from the chickenpox family; you dip shits. It affects the same nerve dentists try to freeze when they hit you up for dental surgery. THEREFORE, the right side of Justin Bieber’s face has been temporarily paralyzed.

It’s usually treated with prednisone and goes away within a few weeks.

ANY COVID19 vaccine does NOT cause it, and anyone who says it does with a fucked up meme or fake news story is a moron or a bot or part of some weird anti-science Upwork campaign for Jesus.

“It’S tHe PoIsOn tHeY InJeCtEd YoU wItH.”

Nope. It’s Ransey Hunt Syndrome caused by the varicella-zoster virus from the shingles/chicken pox family of viruses, you stupid cracker jacks.






Dean Blundell

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