Video: NYPD Officer ate shit trying to show off his new dirt bike

Shug McSween Apr 9, 2019

Welcome to the NYPD, where you can take stolen property, drive it back to the precinct without a helmet, run a red light, almost get hit by a car, then completely eat shit, smashing into an innocent bystander and their vehicle.

Today he gets promoted. Ok, maybe not, but it’s wild that videos like this which are head-scratching as shit, pop up everywhere. A source with knowledge of the case said the cops had pulled over a guy for riding an electric bicycle near the corner of Cauldwell Ave. and 163rd St., and seized the bike as evidence. But instead of waiting for a tow truck to pick up the vehicle — which is department policy — the officers decided to drive it back to the command themselves, the source said. “They should have had the scooter towed because it was arrest evidence,” the source said.

No shit, instead Donnie Dirt Bike eats it good.

Shug McSween

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