Video Of Randy Hillier Turning Himself Into Police Is Actually Pretty Sad

Mar 28, 2022

Just kidding.  I can’t stop laughing.

Loved Glen’s line about Randy’s last dart.  Randy is going to fucking LOSE it.

Notice how he tried to be cool with that “Bureaucratic efficiency” line.  Dude.  You’re about to GO TO A FEDERAL FEDERAL PRISON AND THE PROCESS IS GOING TO BANKRUPT YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.  Nothing you say at that moment makes you look cool Randy.  Plus, speaking into a dirty cop shop phone freezing your old dick off is hardly a cool look, bud.

Glen is a great follow, btw.  He works for CTV but he’s not ‘one of them’.

He was in Ottawa for the whole shit show and he’s probably super jacked to see Randy walk into a cop shop to face an ASSLOAD of federal criminal charges.  I know I am.  I vacillate between wanting to grab myself and laughing uncontrollably watching Randy say “It’s really cold out here.”

Where I really get boner-fide is looking at these sweet, sweet criminal charges which could see Randy locked up into his 70’s (he’s 64).  The dude’s body will shut down without nicotine and cigarettes so he better hope his bail hearing goes well.


So there you have it.  Randy has a bail hearing today and he has officially been charged with SERIOUS crimes and will probably be on house arrest until he goes to big boy jail.

I hope he spends the next few weeks ‘getting hard’.  Prison is no joke.  Just ask his kids.

Fucking goof.



Dean Blundell

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