Video: Pierre Poilievere Marching With Actual Terror Suspects And Extremists Ahead Of the #CanadaDayConvoy Is A Whole Terror Mood

Jul 1, 2022

Before you decide Pierre is NOT marching with terror suspects and alt-white religious extremists because you don’t want it to be accurate, give this (average) blog post a quick once over.

Pierre staged a video photo op with a member of Diagolon, James Topp, as James put the finishing touches on his anti-mandate walk across Canada. He started in Vancouver and Ottawa today to be with the rest of the anti-science religious extremists for their #CanadaDayConvoy.

Rachel Gilmore is an excellent reporter from Global who ties the POOP/Diagolon terror angle together perfectly. That was the future leader of the opposition marching with a guy (and his friends) looking to strive a truck through parliament to take out the PM and Canada’s government.

Diagalon is a messy group of assholes and former vets who think they live in their own country inside Canada and the US. Their leader, Jeremy McKenzie, is awaiting weapons charges while on every no-fly/watch list Canada has to offer, and he sucks his thumb at night.


Comforting shit, huh. Pierre will blow anyone with cash and a vote, and blowing these lunatics publicly, is crushing him today, and I can’t stop laughing for one. This weasel is the most transparent, valueless human being in Canada’s political history, and he knows it and doesn’t give a fuck.

Do you want to dive into how corrupt this greasy neo-con is deep?

Visit and read all about this duplicitous POS. You’ll be glad you did. Especially if you think he’s in it for you. He isn’t. Pierre fucking HATES your guts.

Pierre hates these pricks too. He stayed with Mr. Topp long enough to destroy any credulity he may have had left.

Fuck Pierre Poilievre to the moon. He’s not human. He’s a religious extremist hoping to corner the terror vote and has the values of a serial killer.




Dean Blundell

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