Video: Pierre Poilievere Went After Trans People With His New Mark Conseulos Look Yesterday

Feb 22, 2024

Politics is a business. Everything underneath it is a distraction that separates you from your money, vote, and reality.

Remember that.

With Putin murdering political opponents and gay people like it’s a sport, Trump cheering it on in unhinged rallies begging for the invasion of other NATO countries, Canada’s far-right leader, and Putin’s puppet Pierre Poilevere to support Russian talking points in Canada.

The hateful distraction of the day? Trans bathroom visits and making porn illegal.

So, fucking old.

Blah, blah, blah.

He looked perfect today, too. His new photoshopped Mark Consuelo look screams, “Trust my distractions, I’m sexy.”  OR the Missus fantasy in a weird public sexual role-playing fantasy.

Get a better view.

We all need to zoom out for a second: Politics exists to hurt the people they serve. Politics exists to separate you from your mind, money, and vote. Politics is a business. They are not groups of high-minded moral academics (in most cases) with a keen interest in improving Canadians’ lives. They exist to make you think that while stealing your tax dollars to give their friends who paid to put those same politicians into the seats they occupy.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING they do, is intended to distract you from their actions. Some parties feign social awareness to latch on to overly inclusive left-wing hippies. Some parties feign culture/morality war status to trigger right-wing incels and Jesus freaks. Some play the fear porn card – but they all do the same thing for the same purpose. They create destructive hate-filled chaos by ginning up cultures and identity politics bullshit for THEIR gain. Not yours.

Pierre Poilievre’s latest culture war distraction balloon is red meat for Abrahmic Conservatives and Sexually repressed Christians and Muslims in Canada.

He wants to force every Canadian into giving a Conservative government their driver’s license or ID to make sure we’re old enough to watch porn.

He had a ‘twofer’ yesterday – demanding an end to gender-neutral bathrooms because he doesn’t want girls looking at his little ding ding when he’s having a slash.

Strategic culture hate is designed to enrage and distract you from a few things:

  • Pierre’s continued engagement with Russia talking points and Russian goals (not funding Ukraine aid, anti-gay legislation)
  • Who the fuck he is (he was Jeff until he became Pierre 25 years ago)
  • Who the fuck his wife is (she comes from a family with ties to money laundering, among other things)
  • Who the fuck is his dad, and why he changed his name?
  • Why he refuses to sit for a national background check with the RCMP into “Material changes” in his life
  • His relationship with Stephen Harpers Christian Nationalist terror org, the IDU
  • His drinking habits
  • His character and the questionable death of an intern several years ago
  • Who his Calgary friends are (Jonathan Denis and Craig Chandler are two beauties you should google
  • Why does he have an election compliance agreement for illegal election interference and activity?

Making people angry about the odd transperson who uses a unisex bathroom or floating an idea that requires 40 million people to hand over their driver’s license to use the internet are hate-filled, stupid fucking distractions meant to trigger a response. To endear Christians and Muslims to his holy internet law (in the name of kids, it’s always the kids because making kids your martyr is an easy win – and it’s still creepy af).

Culture war distraction SZN is here. I look at identity politics and religious/secular woke/unwoke culture war through one lens. Distraction.

Men aren’t going to infiltrate women’s sports any more than a trans kid is going to turn an entire school gay.

Children are 1500 times more likely to be sexually/physically abused in a religious home or setting by a family member, clergy, or member of the church that the family attends than in a unisex mall shitter by ANYONE. He’s just jumping onto a MAGA/Russia/#mapleMAGA wave that drives inclusive Liberals and lefty nutbags crazy. This distraction is meant to polarize religious radicals and piss off hippy radicals.

Pierre can never shut off the internet without users producing a driver’s license. He’s hiding behind people under 18 using porn for the Abrahamic psychos that have captured his party and knows it’s driving left-wing extremists insane. Same thing with “safe spaces for women” being a “fuck the trans sinners” policy in hiding. It’s pissed off the “libtards” while the religious right cheers and gives him money to stop the hypothetical assault of straight people/kids in unisex bathrooms via trans folks.

He’s also trying to trap people into calling them pedophiles for not supporting his “government ID to use the internet” policy. Stand against an elemental invasion of privacy; you’re a pedophile via his supporters—distractions as a “gotcha” work, too.

Distractions are GREAT fundraisers, too.

After this combative, ridiculous presser, PeePee sent out millions of emails asking for money to help keep trans-women out of “safe” female spaces. He referred to the radical woke gender bullshit and told Canada his government would force them to give him their driver’s licenses to keep tabs on our web surfing habits, and somehow, his supporters don’t see this as nuclear hypocrisy.

When you kettle the dumbest 10% who can’t spell hypocrisy, it’s good business. That 10 percent isn’t just a free digital army (he combines it with a paid digital army). They’re a conservative ATM if Pierre can get their email addresses, which he does.

Neo-conservative religion is the vehicle. Neo-conservatives are the marks, and outraged distractions are the name of the game.

Whether you’re the Take Back Alberta Christian Nationalist Extremist or PeePee himself, rage-baiting dumb people while riding around in a digital popemobile is just a distraction.

Trudeau does it, too, so don’t think your boy is just “running a political party for Canadians.”

The Arrivecan app that was supposed to cost 80k somehow cost 60 million. For his part, Trudeau has been masterful in shifting away from accountability for the cost of this pandemic app back to culture war and identity politics as a distraction.

What amazes me today is how many of us keep soaking up their bullshit distractions instead of standing arm-in-arm demanding reform and transparency. Regardless of what distractions they fall/fight for, the average Canadian wants the same thing—Canadian sovereignty over elections, information, and governance.

We get none of that but fight each other for it as we might then look at each other and say, “We’re fucked no matter who we vote for.

We give away our shame and emotional selves for distraction that fills the pockets of others for free because we are under the impression they work for us.

They don’t. They hate us. We’re marks, not constituents. Politics is a psychological operation for your money and your mind – not a reputable industry that makes the lives of the people they mislead and rage bait worse while telling them what they are experiencing isn’t real. Imagine if we, as Canadians, zoomed out from politics as a team sport to a better understanding of politics as a pocket-filling collusive enterprise for business/religious elites who want to separate class from culture – poor from rich, with hilariously stupid slogans, dumb fucks, and hillbillies consume like Twinkies.

It’s fun to watch so many rubes lick the balls of each distraction and conspiracy. I feel like I’m in the Matrix. Admit it, most of you feel like this too.

Well, most of you do. Some of you are too busy giving these millionaires your money to take away your abortion rights, trans rights, gay marriage rights, free speech rights, and online privacy rights because Jesus said so.

That’s the content I’m here for.








Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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