Video: Pierre Poilievere’s latest press conference musta have made Donald Trump proud of his little #MapleMAGA pool boy

Feb 6, 2024

For an intelligent guy, Pierre Poilievre is incredibly stupid. You’d think he would have learned what not to do when talking to reporters by watching Trump shit on MSM journalists for the last nine years.

You’d think watching Trump get pinned with 91 federal indictments would change the course of his northern copycat, but no. PeePee can’t help himself, and Donald Trump’s MAGA cult has a friend north of the border.

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre gave another fake press conference where he once again treated every journalist or reporter not from Rebel, True North, or other fake conservative news outlets like shit. If Pierre doesn’t want to answer questions about his corruption (Jenni Byrne, refusing his NatSec background check, foreign campaign interference, Convoy planning, inviting Nazi politicians for dinner, stripping LGBTQ rights, Abortion rights, lying about fake terror attacks,   You can set your clock to his effusive assholiness whenever someone asks him a question he can’t or won’t answer because he doesn’t want to answer.

In short, he’s an asshole because he knows he’s lying, so he acts like an asshole whenever he’s challenged over intentionally lying to rage-farmed morons because he knows he’s fucked if he answers anyone not paid to carry his water, honestly.

If he weren’t SUCH an asshole, I’d say he’s good at it, but Pierre’s inner asshole is a shield. He hauls out asshole Pierre whenever someone asks him a question he can’t answer because the question includes accountability.

Last week, we discovered that his most senior advisor, Jenni Byrne, has been moonlighting as a lobbyist for Loblaws.

This week, we learned his deputy leader, Melissa Lantsman, was a lobbyist for Loblaws. Behind closed doors, Pierre has been actively fighting for Loblaws/Walmart via Jenni and Melissa. They were getting paid by both Loblaws and Walmart to help them keep their grocery oligopoly intact in Canada.

No reporter was allowed to ask that question (all questions are pre-approved by Jenni’s team, so OF COURSE they won’t let that question because Pierre knows he’s been gaslighting Canadians with grocery prices while actively helping his friends and donors fuck you over for chicken and bread.

When asked about Alberta stripping rights from trans minors and their parents, he calls the reporter a liar and refers back to parental rights before moving on to a friendlier question from someone paid to ask that friendly question.

When asked about referring to a car accident at the Niagara border last month as a terror attack so he could blame Trudeau for not keeping Canadians safe, he shit on the reporter as a government plant, then blamed CTV, who didn’t mention the car accident until 20 minutes after he lied, representing it as a terror attack on Canadian soil.

When asked about it by a CP reporter, he once again grabbed the MAGA playbook, accused the media of being bought and paid for while treating her like shit because he’s got nothing.

Whenever he’s caught, he says a reporter’s question is false, he gets angry, accuses them of being Trudeau Media, and then lies through his teeth while treating that reporter like garbage. It’s a warning to other reporters not to ask accountable questions about him, his corrupt government, or authoritarian gaslighting for votes from hillbillies.

There’s another reason he does this: he knows the same media outlets trying to hold him accountable are the same ones that are going to report some GNARLY shit we’re about to find out about due to Canada’s foreign interference probe. The best way to convince people of a lie? Accuse those who can hold you accountable for corruption and tell them to get you by destroying their reputations. It’s called ASSHOLE PROJECTION, and PeePee would be WAY better at it if he didn’t tip his hand every time.

Q: “PeePee, did you make up a terror attack narrative around a car crash (yes)?” 

PeePee: “Canadian Press gets paid in Trudeau Blood money! Blame Trudeau Media, who put out a tweet about it (20 minutes after he said it was a terror attack)! You work for the devil!”

Q: “PeePee, what do you think of Alberta striping Human Rights from Trans kids and parents (he loves it)?”

PeePee: “Canadian Press with another falsehood (never states the falsehood)! Trudeau media never sleeps, and parents own their children because that’s how it should be, you, Trudeau apologist, who works for corrupt media! Fuck you!”

Q: “PeePee, why do you keep telling people grocery prices, housing, rent control, and natural resource issues are all the responsibility of the federal government while your deputy leader and senior advisor all collect(ed) paychecks from grocery store oligarchs, developers, real estate investors, Oil and Gas companies when you know these are issues controlled by provinces?

Q “Fuck you and all the Trudeau media for that question! How much are they paying you to tell the OTHER version of MY truth? Last year alone, Canadians Press had to apologize three times for something, something I can’t remember, and fuck you!”

Every time. It never ends, and it won’t because PeePee knows we’re running into an election year, and he knows he will get speedbagged with his own words and actions. All of his foreign and domestic relationships will be laid bare, so he’s getting ahead of it by running up the score while he can pull a Russell Brand when ALL the bad news hits like a tidal wave.

And it will. He’ll try to play off his corruption like it’s foreign interference by media you can’t trust (he’s been laying those tracks for years), and when we find out about how DEEP his bullshit goes, he’ll point to his “see, I told you Trudeau controlled the media” foundation he spent years laying.

Why? Because the Liberal Party and every media institution and reporter he purposely dragged and offended with his disingenuous bullshit will unload the clip on him, and he knows he has skeletons in his “closet,” Canadians won’t take kindly to. Especially patriotic Canadians who don’t like it when their politicians work with foreign governments to subvert democracy.

Want to know what he’s hiding? Some light racism, some VERY damaging personal information, and some foreign interference in Canada’s elections.

Reporters like Ms Loriggio got next…

PeePee: Be careful who you treat like shit on your way up. Your bunghole MIGHT get stretched on the way down.

At least you made your MAGA Daddy happy…









Dean Blundell

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