Video: Putin Donates 300k Extra Troops For Ukrainian Target Practice, Threatens Everyone With Nuclear Armageddon

Sep 21, 2022

This guy.

Putin has lost the war in Ukraine, and now he’s forcing 300,000 “reservists” into the Ukrainian meat grinder.

In a long-winded speech, he announced conscription this morning, pivoting to protecting Russian territory and the people in Russian-annexed areas of Ukraine. He also said he’s “Not Bluffing” about Nuclear weapons (he’s bluffing).

The Ukrainian people are PULVERIZING Putin’s bitch troops and their fisher price weapons, so he’s forcing 300k Russian citizens into a war he says isn’t happening.

Ukrainians are taking back vast swaths of occupied territory in the east. Putin has lost the war he started, so he’s going out with a bang by offering more Russians for Ukrainian target practice the day after several more towns were liberated from 8 years of Russian rule.

Putin framed this like he was trying to protect Russian territory with this general mobilization. Putin was running out of soldiers and bullets and was desperate to combat the news of his stunning losses to the Ukrainian people, so he threatened the rest of the world with a nuclear strike.

If Russia can’t take care of military equipment, what are the chances they maintained their nuclear arsenal?

The original Russia invasion was a DISASTER, and those were Putin’s best soldiers and equipment. What do you think Ukrainians will do to the B-Team?

Ukraine has mobilized over 1,000,000 troops, so they still numerically outnumber Russians, and those SWEET western weapons are crushing Putin’s shit army so this will be a blood bath.

Everything Putin says is a lie. He lost, and the Ukrainians are now coming for all their shit, including the new Russian firing range targets.

Slava Ukraine



Dean Blundell

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