Video: Randy Hillier’s Bail Hearing Went TERRIBLY Today.

Apr 29, 2022

Randy Hillier tried to get relief from his bail conditions today.

Spoiler alert: No Bueno. Over or to you, Glen Mcgregor from CTV, who had to live Tweet Randers sadness.

OK, Stop. Is Randy actively participating in #RollingFuckFaces? Why would the prosecutor tie Randy to an active #RollingBlunder investigation if he’s not allowed to join anti-vax, theocratic protests according to his bail conditions?

Prosecutor Wightman is a smart cookie.  Less than a month ago, Hillier agreed to stay off social media and geographic conditions.  His bail hearing happened a day before the same insurrectionists who terrorized Ottawa in February returned with motorcycles.  That’s not a coincidence.  Randy is DYING to get involved, and it sounds like he already is despite those bail conditions.

So Randy’s lawyer sucks at lawyering.  Here he tried to convince the judge that Neil Sheard, organizer of #RollingFucksticks, is in no way trying to do what NEIL SHEARD did in February the last time he came to Ottawa WITH Randy.

Back to Glen and Randers:

That seems fair.  Randy agreed to his bail conditions a month ago and has LOTS of messaging options at his disposal if he feels like he wants to continue to put himself in legal jeopardy.

AAAANNND, there’s the rub.  If Hiller was good with his bail conditions a month ago, why the fuck would the judge vary those conditions to allow him back into the hillbilly circus with thousands of like-minded extremists ahead of this weekend?

Randy is ITCHING for money and relevance without access to Canada’s softest victim club. He wants another shot at glory and thinks he might be able to convince a judge that he JUST wants to tweet pictures of his hunt camp or his daughter’s new collection of meth pipes.

He wants back in SO BAD.

He wants to join other emotionally detached losers to stump for magical freedom and Jesus Christ because those are his people, and they are SO CLOSE to his place in Perth.

He could almost taste freedom until Justice Mclean told him he was still a danger to society because Randy has no regard for the rule of law or other human beings.

For a guy who keeps losing, he seems pretty peppy.

Meh.  Randers did the stuff.  His BBQ.  Natural consequences for the WIN.






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