Video: Rebel News “Crisis Actor” David Menzies Arrested – And Charged – For Real. LOLZ

Apr 10, 2024

AHHH. When your grift runs out, you get charged with criminal incitement.

This is the find-out portion of David Menzies’s fake reporter/Crisis Acting career as a paid asshole for Canada’s hillbilly-focused far-right, Russian repeater, Rebel News.

The Star: A Rebel “News” personality has been charged after an alleged incident with participants at a pro-Israel rally over the weekend.  

Toronto police said the incident happened when they were patrolling and conducting crowd management at the event in the Queen Street West and Bay Street area on Sunday.

David Menzies, a personality for the right-wing online media outlet, was allegedly disrupting a group of people as they were protesting at the rally, police said.

The 61-year-old from Richmond Hill is facing charges including breach of recognizance and failing to leave the premises when directed under the Trespass to Property Act, police said in a news release issued on Monday.

He is scheduled to appear in court on May 16 at 2 p.m.

The rally, labelled as “Six Months in Hell” and organized by pro-Israel groups, was held at Nathan Phillips Square to mark six months since Hamas-led militants took about 250 captives when they crossed from Gaza into Israel on Oct. 7 and killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

Menzies has been arrested multiple times in recent years in interactions with both Liberal and Conservative politicians.

Last month Menzies was arrested outside a pro-Palestinian protest in Toronto featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Police said one man was charged with mischief damage to property, while another they identified as Menzies was charged with obstructing a peace officer and breaching a peace bond.

Both Rebel News and Menzies later issued statements on X, formerly Twitter, confirming his arrest and saying it came about as he was trying to interview demonstrators on camera. 

In January outside a Richmond Hill, Ont. event involving Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, a RCMP officer providing security for the minister arrested Menzies, and York Regional Police later said he was released unconditionally after it was determined there was no credible security threat.

In July 2021 in Thornhill, Ont., Menzies was arrested at an event for Melissa Lantsman, the federal Conservative deputy leader who was the nominated Conservative candidate at the time.

Lantsman said in a press release following that episode that Menzies was asking her “homophobic” questions that related to her sexual orientation. She ultimately left the event because she felt unsafe, she said.

In 2019 Menzies was arrested in Whitby, Ont., during a campaign stop by former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. The arrest was made after multiple members of Scheer’s staff repeatedly asked him to leave and told him he was not welcome to attend the event.

In most of those cases, Rebel News crowdfunded following the arrests for money to fund his legal costs.

In ALL of those cases, Rebel News crowdfunds for “David’s Arrests” because that’s David’s job description: to get arrested on camera to feign tyranny and then spin that arrest into a censorship play for money. How much money? MILLIONS. Do you get any transparency regarding those millions raised from Crisis Acting in the name of Freedom?


David has his own “help me fight all these intentional arrests” site, and there are no less than five places to donate per page, including some SWEET clothes you can buy to keep funneling money to Rebel Owner, multi-millionaire, alt-right bottom feeder, Ezra Levant.

His Arrest video is self-explanatory. He’s been targeting Muslim protestors during these bullshit “GAZA” protests EVERYONE hates. David and Ezra have a whole business plan around exploiting the tensions between Muslims and Jews, and they don’t mind if they do!

BTW, Andrew Lawton works with Rebel News, and they get paid by some of “the same people.”  I wonder if Pasty Andy receives a cut on the donation commish?

I never get tired of being right. I’ve been telling the intellectually less fortunate about Rebel’s “Don’t let the truth get in the way of creating our truth to beg dumb fucks for money” business plan for a while now, but I’m a massive fan of these financial consequences. If you think any of these engineered arrests by Rebel/Menzies are genuine and you give them money, you deserve not to be able to afford rent. Sad but true. Like warning my kids not to stick a fork in an electrical outlet. I’ll only warn people a few times before I bask in their consequences.

Except my kids can learn. Rebel Fans? Not so much.

Keep donating, friends! Ezra’s $12-million-dollar home in Toronto needs another Reno!




Dean Blundell

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