Video: Rebel “News” video of fake reporter David Menzies’ arrest is just part of Ezra Levant/Conservative party’s business plan to scam hillbillies/damage Canada’s reputation on the world stage

Jan 9, 2024

David Menzies is a crisis actor. Rebel “News” is not an objective news outlet.

They are a paid agent of several conservative political parties, lobby groups, and brands to create narratives to fundraise (they steal money from dumb people in the form of “donating” to an invented crisis) around content that makes an intentional narrative to destroy Canada’s reputation and institutions in the name of the Liberal Government they hate.

Menzies accosts people and starts a physical or verbal confrontation to get a visual response for Rebel News. Their media partners can use it to make money while shitting on our institutions on behalf of the culture they steal from and the political/corporate parties that pay them to do it.

I’ll prove it with Rebel News and David Menzies’s bullshit work. Easy game.

Here’s Menzies’s arrest after intentionally running into Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland’s RCMP detail for this op (if Menzies did this to Biden’s SS, he’d be in ICU after 12 hours of corrective surgery, by the way).

LOLOL. Just wait; there are ten other videos just like it in this post, so don’t act shocked just yet. LOLZ.

I posted a summary of the “arrest” here. You can tell that Menzies intentionally ran into Ms. Freeland’s RCMP detail after Menzies sees him, and Menzies knows he has a fundraiser and some red meat for the alt-right conservative bullshit machine.

David Menzies operates under the Rebel News job description where “if you’re not getting punched and recording it, you’re not getting paid” for two expressed purposes:

  1. Ezra Levant tells ALL Rebel Employees to “CREATE” sellable stories to fundraise as part of their business plan (donations from idiots who believe Menzies and other Rebel PAID crisis actors are just victims of corrupt Liberal Tyranny).
  2. To give Conservative politicians a visual to forward a bad faith narrative meant to damage the reputation of this country and the democratically elected government of Canada as a “Communist” or a “Tyrannical Authoritarian dictatorship.”

To the best of my recollection, according to Rebel News’s receipts, David Menxies has been “arrested” around half a dozen times in the past decade. Each arrest came with a fundraising narrative to “Save David Menzies” from political Tyranny.

Six years ago, he was arrested (that’s always his intention), playing the victim at then-conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s press availability. That came with a fundraiser.

Three years ago, Menzies was arrested by police Deputy Conservative Leader Melissa Lantsman’s press availability. That came with a fundraiser to save David as well.

Both Andrew and Melissa now share Rebel News links as fact. Forgetting that they both panned Rebel News as a fake news org and David Menzies as a crisis actor back then (which he is) after stating that Rebel and Menzies “only get paid when they get punched” and Rebel News is a scam outlet grifting donations off of fake outrage videos created by Menzies and Rebel News.

Former Employee and former podcast guest Caolan Robertson told us all about it after his appearance on CNN that lifted the veil of Rebel’s bullshit drifting practices.

“Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story…”

THERE WE GO! See? It’s easy when you don’t just take Ezra Levant’s disingenuous word for it. Ezra has been running the dollar store Fox News scam in Canada for some time, and Menzies will get punched by ANYONE for some of that sweet “Save (Insert arrested or faux Rebel News victim’s name here) money donated by morons who believe the bullshit these scammers spin.

Last year, Menzies intentionally “bumped” into Trudeau RCMP detail for money and the “Trudeau Tyranny Narrative.”

He “bumped” into Peel police a few years ago, too, where Ezra challenged Peel cops to arrest David Menzies (for the “gram” money).

He did it in Montreal, where he was harassing people to curate a story about how terrible the Montreal Police are…

Two years ago, he shoved another Montreal police officer (female) after another Rebel “NEWS” Covid tyranny stunt – that came with a fundraiser…

TPS arrested him for harassing Ron Maclean over Don Cherry’s firing several years ago (LOL).

Here, Menzies and noted wife beater/Rebel Employee Qian explain how they are constantly assaulted for doing their jobs. Those jobs, as dictated by Ezra? To cause a disturbance, record that disturbance, then torque that disturbance as a free speech violation at the hands of heavy-handed government Tyranny that you need to give them money to fight against, which is the whole point of the grift.

Just ask Pierre Poilievre’s right-hand bag of milk, Melissa Lantsman. She had Menzies arrested at her campaign launch, where she mocked Rebel News as fake news, looking to create stories from events they misrepresent.

Conservative eunuch and #MapleMAGA piss boy summed up Rebel News best a few years ago before Rebel agreed to work with the Conservative Party of Canada. That’s why Andy has had a change of heart. Melissa too.

David’s job is to start a fight and then decry victimhood. For money. For Ezra, who does this for donations and for the people they work for (corporate Conservative donors, parties, and interests) who hate Canada, democracy, our democratically elected officials, and any progressive values. They are in bed with and intentionally share talking points, videos, fake stories, and narratives because they get paid.


Here’s why:

To stage events that make it look like Canada has state-sponsored censorship by a tyrannical dictatorship that’s muzzling journalists friendly to Conservatives, so compulsive liars like Pierre Polievre can continually damage Canada’s reputation at home and abroad while sending out emails like this:

Lying for money and influence. Rinse and repeat.

Messaging is coordinated through executive team members from Rebel News, True North, Canada Proud, Western Standard, and religious/conservative influencers/outlets who parrot the same bullshit narrative for effect, including actual publications that torque these stories that are fake to pander to really dumb consumers of alt-right bullshit to force them into a response (money and social support).

It’s all based on David Menzies trying to get arrested at least once a quarter.

This is a PERFECT example of the plague of disinformation/misinformation that further divides Canadians while intentionally embarrassing Canada on the world stage. It’s just another operation from bad-faith actors who are cheating Canadians out of good-faith information with toxic bullshit meant to enrich Ezra Levant. At the same time, the guy who wants to be Prime Minister furthers poisonous lies he knows are lies.

I feel sorry for the conned. I am not sad enough not to mock anyone who views these ongoing receipts and chooses not to believe them. Like the ones who donate to these ass clowns. I hope you all go broke supporting David Menzies’s constant assault on himself. It’s fun to watch every time he starts screaming “Gestapo”. LOLZ.


PS: Dickfarm David was released without charges this morning, so their fundraiser is mute. Still, give till it hurts, rubes!

That’s Ezra’s whole point…



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