Video: “Reporter” Steve Simmons Went Full Steve Simmons In The Leafs’ Post Game Presser Last Night

May 9, 2022

I wondered when we’d hear from POS Toronto Sun reporter Steve Simmons.  It’s been a while.  Almost as if he was told not to be Steve Simmons for the past year, or maybe he was dealing with ‘personal issues.  He’s back to being Steve Simmons just in time for a three-game series against the Bolts.

Last night after the Leafs were SOUNDLY shit kicked by Tampa to tie the series at 2s; Steve went out of his way to tell Sheldon Keefe he was an idiot for starting Justin Holl, and Justin is their worst defenceman,

OOOHHHH.  Steve is SOOOOO back.  Steve is universally HATED in these rooms.  Post-game, pre-game, it doesn’t matter – when Steve Simmons crawls into these press availabilities, everyone groans.

Steve thinks he’s Larry Brooks.  He’s not.  He’s two parts whiney old lady and one part ferret with emotional problems because he takes the Leafs personally.

That’s why he shits on players in the form of fake questions.

He’s used to be somewhat intelligent but traded intelligence for clicks like his friend Ezra Levant at Rebel.  Steve prefers to get an emotional reaction because he thinks it will prolong his career, and it’s easier than doing good work.  Steve will write a piece on the loss that everyone will read now because he shit on Justin Holl in a presser with Sheldon Keefe.  Ezra Simmons knew what he was doing at Justin Holl’s expense.

As much as the free world hates Steve’s guts, I kinda get why he likes to be an asshole (and he is an asshole).  Post-game pressers are safe for the Leafs because Canada’s two biggest media entities own the team.  Reporters are told to be friendly to their fellow employees (coaches and players), but Shithead works for The Sun and likes to throw a hand grenade into those rooms.

If he weren’t such a POS human, I’d respect him for it.

But he is a POS, so I revel in every Steve Simmons dick punch that follows every dumb question or attempt at sports media glory.

Like that time Brian Burke told Steve the silver lining of being fired was that he never had to talk to Steve again (who Brian eventually sued for spreading affair rumors about Brian and a Sportsnet reporter).

Is Justin Holl the Leafs’ worst defenceman?  He wasn’t last night. That title belonged to Morgan Reilly, who was a hot -4.  Justin was -1 with a shit giveaway for a goal in the 1st and played almost 18 minutes.  He had a couple of brain farts, but he wasn’t even close to being the ‘worst’ last night.

Steve is bad at assessing what he sees on top of being a legitimate asshole who hasn’t had a good day in 20 years, but he’s willing to get his teeth kicked in for The Sun, so they keep him around like a grandparent with dementia. It’s the human thing to do.






Dean Blundell

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