Video – Ryan Reynolds Explaining How He’s Perfectly Becoming Pikachu Is Hilarious

Shug McSween Feb 26, 2019
Ryan Reynolds stars in the new Pokemon movie as Pikachu.

Ryan Reynolds is ready to do whatever it takes to become Pikachu, even if it means he needs to disown his wife and kids. The Canadian Actor who rivals the who’s who when it comes to comedy on the big screen was surprised as any when he found out he landed the role as Pikachu. He was so shocked he actually forgot to pick up his kids from school, or by the sounds of it, Pikachu doesn’t even know those kids exist.

What a beauty this fella is.

PS: If you have ever worked in a restaurant or even if you haven’t been an employee and still frequently eat out for dinner, and you haven’t seen the movie Waiting, get on that. It’s a hidden gem as Ryan Reynolds is……

For now, listen in on how Reynolds perfectly became his latest character:

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