Video: Shannon Sharpe Doesn’t Hold Back, Calls Aaron Rodgers An Arrogant Prick, A Liar And An Awful Person

Sep 7, 2022
@lineups Shannon Sharpe didn’t hold back talking about Aaron Rodgers #ReTokforNature #nfl #nflfootball #shannonsharpe #aaronrodgers #sports #fypシ #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Lineups

It was a hell of a promo. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I don’t agree with any of it but well done. I think Skip Bayless is a Packers fan as well, so this makes it even more fun. Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe’s television program is hot garbage. It’s First Take (also garbage) where they say things just to get clicks and to get people angry. That is why I am taking these comments with a grain of salt. Shannon probably doesn’t think all of these about Aaron Rodgers but knows if he says something sensational, blogs will pick it up and drive people to his product.

Shannon Sharpe was NOT a perfect player in his time with the NFL. Calling Aaron Rodgers arrogant is the pot calling the kettle black. Shannon was one of the MOST arrogant players to ever lace them up. He never did an interview with his stupid sunglasses on.

In any case, Aaron has addressed everything on multiple platforms. It doesn’t seem like his teammates hate him so whatever the media thinks doesn’t matter.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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