VIdeo: Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Crying For Donald Trump Is Must Watch TV

Feb 20, 2024

I fucking hate it when a social media post goes viral with a spelling mistake. Whatever. Millions of people got the gist of this post where former Canadian Business dope and Trump sycophant Kevin O’Leary melted down over Trump being convicted by a jury of peers in two trials that cost his boy roughly USD 600 million:

(Excuse the extra “my” in the Tweet. Dumb fingers)

Color be surprised. Kevin O’Leary, a cutthroat investor who was caught up in the FTX scam/crash, who got rich “brokering” educational books and a TV show that portrayed him as “Mr. Woderful” who’s tight with the Trump cabal and Trump’s money machine, thinks Trump’s consequences are oppressive instead of warranted.

Kevin isn’t a fan of consequences. Just ask the people he and his wife ran into with their boat on Lake Joseph a couple of years ago. Wait. You can’t. They’re dead.

Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian businessman who stars in the reality TV series “Shark Tank,” has spoken about his involvement in a weekend boat collision that killed two people and injured three.

O’Leary was a passenger in a boat operated by his wife, Linda O’Leary, on Ontario’s Lake Joseph late Saturday when it collided with another boat that didn’t have its lights on, according to a statement his rep gave to TMZ. Linda O’Leary passed a DUI test that night, the rep added.

“On late Saturday night I was a passenger in a boat that was involved in a tragic collision with another watercraft that had no navigation lights on and then fled the scene,” Kevin O’Leary said in a statement obtained by People. “I am fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.”

He added: “Out of respect for the victims families and to fully support the ongoing investigation I feel it is inappropriate to make further comments at this time. My heartfelt prayers and condolences to the victims, the families and those affected by this loss.”

Gary Poltash, 64, of Florida, died at the scene of the 11:30 p.m. crash, according to Ontario Provincial Police, and Susanne Brito, 48, of Ontario, succumbed to critical injuries at the hospital.

Kevin and his wife were not found criminally negligent in the crash. The details are sad and hilarious. After getting into a boat crash in open water, people generally don’t head to resorts for a few drinks before the police show up. As a boat operator, there are rules you follow, and leaving the scene for a couple of vodka sodas before you talk to the authorities isn’t part of the deal. That’s what Mrs. Wonderful did, and Kevin swears she was driving.

SUPER Richie Riches, like Kevin and Trump, stick together because they’re part of the consequence-free elite crowd. When you are part of that group, you spend like going to the electric chair to avoid consequences. That’s what Trump does. It appears to me that’s what Kevin does, and that’s what this is. Elites support elites because they’re all compromised to some extent. Ratting on one of your Elite pals also opens you up to scrutiny. Politicians, Business elites, Media, and the legal profession are all keepers of enemy secrets because they have secrets and don’t want people opening their closet doors either.

I’ve met Kevin a few times. Nice enough guy. He smells like very expensive cologne and leather—Trump’s kind of guy.




Dean Blundell

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