Video: Sometimes, Teachers Are Just Sick Of Your Shit

Nov 19, 2019

I’m surprised we don’t see videos like this one from a High School in Maryland.  Teachers used to beat students like rented mules when I went to school and after the beating, the student would get detention while the teacher left to get drunk.

OUTSTANDING scrap, btw.  Really good.

Source: The teacher was identified by police as 36-year-old Vivian Noirie. She faces charges of physical abuse and second-degree assault.
Detectives are pursuing charges against the student in the juvenile court system, police said in the statement Saturday. The student was upset that the teacher called her parents the night before and approached the teacher, police said.
“During that encounter, the student admits to stepping on the teacher’s foot and bumping into the teacher with her shoulder,” the statement said. “The teacher then repeatedly struck the student.”
After the two were separated, “the student grabbed the teacher from behind and repeatedly struck her before once again being separated.”

Well, there you go.  The student and teacher both claimed responsibility, and the student had Teach by 50 pounds easy. so it’s a wash to me.

If you happen to see your teacher kid a classmate’s ass, send your video to [email protected].  I’ll post it and you’ll become a hero in your local community.


Dean Blundell

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