Video: Start Your Week With Drake Losing $275,000

Mar 7, 2022

Put this directly into my veins.

Covington dominated Masvidal – it wasn’t even close – and just like that, Drake lost.  Again.

He’s a walking sports betting curse.

Full transparency: Drake is a duplicitous fuck and I could watch bad things happen to him on repeat forever and be perfectly happy.

There isn’t any news about drake that isn’t a pre-meditated money flex by a soft, scared, little baby who still thinks we give a fuck.

He wants you to see him waste money because that’s how he tells you he’s better than you.  It’s also his perverted way of feeling important because he obviously feels like absolute shit about himself.

Remember this?

Same energy.

I guess when you’ve resorted to putting tobacco sauce in rubbers, pushing out videos of you losing 275k is a step up.

Prediction:  Drake will be an overweight homeless before he’s 50.  It’s catching up with him.  It always does.  Ego comes for everyone and Drizzy’s no different, sequestered in his Bridal path mansion like Howard Hughes.

His last album sucked.  My kid said “It’s over for Drake.  He basically had other rappers do the work and he featured in his own songs and they all sucked.’

I’m taking his word for it, but if it’s damning to Drake I’ll adopt his perspective because it fits his MO.

Colby Covington feels the same way I do apparently:

Remember this post when Drake asks you for change at the corner of Yonge & Dundas in 2040.




Dean Blundell

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