Video: Taylor Hawkins’ Tribute Concert With His 16-Year-Old Son Filling In For His Dad Will Bring You To Your Knees

Sep 4, 2022

It doesn’t matter what side of any ideology you’re on; we can all enjoy Taylor Hawkin’s son filling in for his Dad during “My Hero” at Taylor’s tribute show last night.

A-list rock Gods spent 6 hours driving together at Wembly stadium yesterday, and it was by far the most incredible music-healing circle you’ll ever see.

Taylor Hawkin’s 16-year-old son, Shane, SLAYED “My Hero” with his Dad’s friends.

Part healing circle, part miracle. This will bring you to your knees if you’re a Foo fan.

This ISO of Dave’s face made me cry.

Brian May (Queen), Liam Gallagher, Wolfgang Van Halen, members of Metallica, Rush, and The Police were all on hand for the 6-hour event, with Dave moving around to fill in for Taylor when he needed to. Everyone did. That was the point. To celebrate Taylor’s life in music and to fill the void he left together with fans and friends after passing away in Colombia a few months ago from a massive heart attack.

Dave held it together until Times Like These.

It’s times like these you learn to live againIt’s times like these you give and give againIt’s times like these you learn to love againIt’s times like these time and time again

There are no words. As incredibly sad as it was, it was a lesson in moving forward and the most incredible healing circle you’ll ever see.

I needed that. I can’t imagine how much Taylor’s friends and family needed that or how Shane Hawkins managed to ace his performance behind his Dad’s drum set.

I’m just grateful I got to see people celebrate the life of Taylor Hawkins instead of simply turning the page in silence.




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