Video: Tennessee Upsets Alabama And Fans Storm The Field, Ripped Down The Goal Posts And Threw Them Into The River

Oct 16, 2022

You have to love College Football. The warm-up for the big boys playing on Sunday is nothing short of exciting. The Tennessee Volunteers stunningly upset the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide last night and to say the Volunteers fans went crazy is the understatement of the year.

The fans stormed the field for the biggest part I have seen in college football in a very long time. They ripped down the goalposts for god sake!

The scenes on the field were insane to watch and the play-by-play of where the goalposts went is all time.

The goalposts found their final resting place in the river at about 4 am.

This is why I LOVE College Football. The fans stormed the field, ripped out the goalposts, and literally walked them out of the stadium, and not one person gave a shit! It was such a big deal that Tennessee beat Alabama all law enforcement let the fans carry party their asses off with the goalposts eventually dumping them into the river. Where else is that possible? If we tried the take the net and leave the ACC after a Leaf’s win we would be tackled and sent to jail before we could say, Auston Matthews. You love the passion. Hit me with videos like this all day! If I were there I would be riding those goalposts all the way to the pub!

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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