VIDEO: TFC Supporters Are The Best Sports Fans in Toronto

Aug 14, 2022

Toronto isn’t a Leafs, Raptors, or Blue Jays town. You may want to argue with me, but you’d be wrong. Toronto FC fans are wild, loyal, and awesome.

Saturday night I attended BMO Field to take in TFC’s 3-1 win over Portland. It’s the first live sporting event I’ve attended since August 2019. My pops and I stood with the fans in the famous section 113 where the seats are just for decoration.

Here’s what I learned, Toronto FC fans are THE BEST FUCKING FANS IN TORONTO! 

BMO Field was packed. By the time the second half rolled around we couldn’t see any open seats. In the supporters section the atmosphere was rocking.

Both my dad and I had always wanted to take in a game with the rowdy crew. We’d attended numerous games in the past. We had VIP passes and were treated to free booze and food. We sat in the rafters, and we sat in the front row. But, neither of us have been able to party with supporters in 113. 

TFC fans don’t stop. From the moment the players walked onto the field to the moment they exited after the 90, the fans went crazy. We sang, we danced, we chanted, and we cheered. The best way to explain my experience Saturday night is to compare it to Woodstock. The good Woodstock, not the shitty one in 1999.

I’m a footy guy, TFC has had my support since the beginning. Saturday night the die hard fans won me over. A community of fans that love their team and love each other. You will not experience what I experienced Saturday night at any other sporting event in the city of Toronto. 

Outside of Saturday’s game being one of the best sporting experiences of my life. TFC defeated Portland 3-1, sending all of us home happy.

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