Video: That Was The Most Sexist Super Bowl Of All Time And Men Should Be Disgusted

Feb 4, 2019

As I sat through 4 hours of the worst football game ever played, I said to my GF, “This shit can’t get worse.”

Well, it did.

13-3?  Are you kidding me?  I took NE and the over so it was a wash but it was so, effing boring.  Julian Edelman was the only thing worth watching in the first half and the last 7 minutes of the fourth q where people just wanted Brady to win his 6th.

Throw in a sexist halftime show where Adam Levine went shirtless, parading around like meat on stage making soccer moms everywhere cream their jeans, and we have ourselves the worlds most watched, sexist football game, ever.

Fuck you, Roger Goodell.  Do you have any idea how many men had to sit through A) Some kinda shitty easy listening crap and B)  our significant others excusing themselves before the start of the second half for 5 minutes.

Is that what you want your fans to consume on the biggest day of the year, I’m out.  Other than hoes and ATL, I couldn’t understand a word from Travis Scott or Big Boi.

It was like the Superbowl Planning Committee was looking for people who were too stupid to know who Colin Kaepernick is, then booked them right away.

Disgusting nudity, Kylie Jenner’s Husband screaming ‘Boats and Hoe’s, 16 total points???  That’s your premiere television event of the year??

I’d rather watch Rachel Ray make a bundt cake in leather pants and a turtleneck.

See.  Soccer moms loved it.  So did Brady and Gronk.





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