Video: The Cleveland Guardians Beat The S&it Out Of The Yankees On And Off The Field Last Night

Oct 16, 2022

I have said it in many blogs before, I hate the New York Yankees fans. I don’t mind the team don’t get me wrong. The Yankees are like the Dallas Cowboys, Maple Leafs and other legacy teams, when they are good the league is better. The fans however can take a hike. Yankees fans sit right under Philadelphia fans as the biggest POS in sports.

That is why when a video shows up online of a couple of Yankees fans getting the shit beat out of them in the stands, I have to post it.

This was a slobber knocker. Mr. Yankee came out swinging, it’s shocking because normally the person with the high ground wins the fight. Not this time.

Of course, after Frankie Tomatoes took a spill his friend in a Yank’s jersey came in for the classic beer smack, forgetting he was in enemy territory. After he swatted the beer of the Guardians fans another Guardians fan came flying in with the knockout punch.

Whamo! Goodnight Jim Kite. To make matters even better the Yankees took a big loss.

Good riddance.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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