Video: The Grossest Injury In NBA History Happened In Portland Last Night (Graphic)

Mar 26, 2019

And it’s disgusting.

If you’re wondering how this happens, I have no clue but I know this:  That wound will smell like Almonds.

The most interesting part of this compound fracture is Jusuf’s left leg looks like it’s a good 6-8 inches shorter than the right which means the tibia/fibula are somewhere around his knee cap.

Nurkic was taken to the hospital immediately where he underwent surgery and is out for the season (at least).  In a relatively meaningless game, Nurkic was having a career night with 32 points 16 rebounds 5 assists and 4 blocks.

Shout out to the Leafs and the Raptors.  PLEASE rest everyone that matters.  I don’t care if John Tavares had 4 goals last night and nor do I care if the Raptors finish the season behind the Bucks.  I have visions of this happening to Kawhi or Matthews when there’s nothing to play for over the next couple of weeks and I hope this serves as a healthy reminder to Babcock and Nurse to take the next two weeks off.

You’re welcome.

T’s and P’s To Nurkic.

Memories Jorge Garbajossa in 2006.  Almonds, baby. Almonds.


Dean Blundell

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