Video: The World’s Best Magician Was At It Again With This Unbelievable IPhone Trick

Shug McSween Feb 17, 2019
Justin Flom on James Corden's Late Night show and it was mind blowing|Justin Flom on James Corden's Late Night show and it was mind blowing

Meet Justin Flom, aka the world’s best magician. The modestly titled magician recently made his first cameo on last week as we showed you his card trick which he synced up to a soundtrack and it was mindblowing. If you didn’t catch that one, queue it for later here. 

That was nothing, get a load of this. Justin was recently on the James Corden show and not only did he pull off 3 of the craziest tricks I have ever seen, the last one you can follow along from wherever you’re watching. We did and it gave the room chills. Get four cards out, any four cards you can find, and be prepared to rip them in half and you’ll be scratching your head for days.


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