Video: This Crazy Chick At Trump’s Prayer Service “Casting Out Demonic Networks” Needs To Get Laid

May 3, 2019

Hot tip.  I used to be forced to attend Church Services led by cracker jacks like this hose hound, Paula when I was a kid.  My parents converted to Christianity when I was in the second grade and it sucked ass.

My dad stopped saying “Fuck”.

We had to give 10 percent of our money to the church

They took us on door-to-door witnessing retreats like a bunch of kids yearning to get punched in the face by half the people on Charlebois crescent did to my friend mark on one of those outstanding Saturdays in my mid-teens.

Crazy pants here is an evangelical Christian who represents the FUCKING WORST of all the cults.  I’d rather be friends with an Al Quaeda member than an Evangelical Christian pastor.  95% of them have ZERO transferrable skills other than being able to convince large groups of people to give you money because of the God they rep commands it in the Bible.  Sweet religion.

They all work like that then send anti-abortionists with a rifle out to shoot Gynecologists on their way home from the gym.  It’s a loser’s game.   She suckers people into sending her hard earned money because if they don’t they’re not furthering God’s word don’t you know.

I’m what’s called apostate in the evangelical faith.  Someone who knows it back to front and knows for sure, Noah never built a fucking ark, No one turned water into wine and Jesus didn’t fly up to heaven in a cloud any more than Steven Hawking took a piss in the past 40 years without a bedpan.

Trump has surrounded himself with these looky fucks because they all hate gay people and think the man is the head of the household.  Also something the King James Version, Bible states numerous times.

The best part is Christians like her think their the only ones going to heaven and the only way you can get into this mystical club is by saying a prayer of repentance.

It’s like becoming a Freemason only, for the stupid.

Anywho.  Remember much like suicide bombers don’t represent Muslims, Pinky Tuscadaro here doesn’t rep the word Christians.  Not that I’d know anymore.  It just seems to make sense.

Kenneth Copeland owns a 20 million dollar private jet to spread the word

Pat Robertson is worth 100 Million because he’s begged for it on TV for 60 years

Joel Osteen lives in a 15 million dollar house

Paula White (The Lady in the video) is worth 20 million.  Would, btw. Lot’s have.  She’s been married a few times.  Raaaarrr.

Paula White.jpg

Watch your wallet around these people.


Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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