Video: This Islander Fan Heckling Tavares In The Penalty Box Might Be The Best Video You Ever See

Apr 2, 2019

The Passion.  The Hatred.  The Stupidity of American hockey fans.  All in one clip less than 30 seconds long.

And It’s Incredible.

Let’s break this down by putting this mans effort through ‘Dean’s Common Sense Machine’.

Input 1

  • John Tavares had the same look on his face the day he was married, after winning Olympic Gold, and you see it every time he scores.  He may be on the spectrum in some capacities.  All super geniuses are.  There’s no chance John knows this guy exists and most likely didn’t notice he was there.
  • This Superfan planned this whole sneak attack out.   His son had to remind him there were only a couple minutes left and now was the time to execute operation ‘Fuck Tavares I’ll Show Him”.
  • He ruined a Tavares Jersey, Took time to turn the ‘C’ Into a ‘0’ with the same duct tape he used to turn ‘Tavares’ into ‘Total Fraud’.

  • The Leafs won and clinched last night and this guy spent rent money to go down to the rink to tell John at the very LEAST he should have done a sign & Trade for Picks!!!  “AT LEAST WE WOULDA GOT PICKS!!!!

interested howie mandel GIF by America's Got Talent


michael jordan laughing GIF

If you put this video through ‘Dean’s Common Sense Machine” the printed result would say ‘Islander fans are like skin tags.  Annoying yet fun to play with therefore ultimately nonoffensive.’

BTW.  Drake Caggiulaneeds to stay in his lane.



Dean Blundell

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