Video: Tiffany Haddish Bombing Her NYE Stand Up Show Is An AWKWARD Yet Teachable Moment

Jan 2, 2019

Tiffany Haddish before her stand up show people paid hundreds to walk out of…


Tiffany Haddish 10 minutes into her stand up show people paid hundreds of dollars to walk out of.

Happy new year SUCKAZ!

She called her shot, then owned it.  I’ll triple down on that actually. She called her shot before, during, and after.

  • Tiffany said she drank her Uber talented head off till 7 am the night before the biggest live show of her career.
  • She was so jacked, she forgot her act, jokes and said ‘fuck it and got bombed with the crowd who hung around.
  • The next day she tweeted the link to it and said shit happens.

Celebs fuck up at work when they’re hungover like you too.

It’s my Andy Pettitte theory (I LOVE theories based on precedent.  Great teaching tools for kids and easy to understand for the regular man).

In the mid 2000’s when Roger Clemons and Andy Pettitte were under investigation for PED use after being named in ‘The Mitchell Report”, Andy Stood up and said “I totally did steroids to get over injuries.”  Roger, not so much.  By telling the truth Andy has his faced carved into monument park.  By lying, Roger Clemons is alone and drunk in the Ozark’s.

I’m glad she didn’t say it was a bad reaction to cold medication or heat stroke.  People who use those shitty excuses are the same ones who say someone hacked their phone when a picture of them in fishnet stocking sticking a soup ladle in your bung hole appears online right, Oscar Delahoya?

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