Video: Toronto FC’s playoff hopes are still alive

Aug 28, 2022

After a 2-0 win over Charlotte Saturday night, Toronto FC’s playoff hopes are still alive. How much faith should we have that TFC will make the MLS playoffs?

Though it seems very improbable, it’s not impossible. The simple answer is TFC just needs to keep winning. If they drop games or give up two points on a draw, they’ll all but eliminate themselves. However, if Toronto keeps winning, I wouldn’t count TFC out just yet. 

Ever since Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Bernardeschi, and Richie Laryea joined the team TFC has looked different. The game looks in control. Possession is kept, and once a game we’re treated with a highlight reel finish. I hate those people who are always talking about next season, but this time next year there will be no discussion about whether or not Toronto FC will be playoff contenders. This time next year we’ll be discussing whether or not TFC will win the entire league. 

For this season the math says TFC has a chance. They are three-points behind the fifth, sixth, and seventh place teams. TFC needs some things to happen with some other teams, but their goal stays the same; win. The Reds have the team to win it out, and because of that, I feel a lot of hope down the final stretch. 

Toronto’s next challenge comes Wednesday when TFC hosts the LA Galaxy.

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