Video: Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons Just Told A Black Hockey Player, Akim Aliu, He’s Not Good Enough To Complain About Racism In Hockey

Oct 10, 2022

Steve Simmons is a fucking RAGING asshole. He’s universally hated by sports fans who don’t have confederate flags hanging behind their makeshift basement bars,

Here’s why: He doesn’t like black people and hates when they complain about systematic racism in sports.

Yesterday, Steve saved his seeming hatred for black athletes for white power elitist “black people are annoying me again” hot take in his Toronto “White Power” Sun piece that mocked and discounted Akim Aliu’s racialized experiences through Akim’s challenging career.

Steve “I Hate Black Athletes” Simmons thinks Akim’s experiences as a black man in the NHL aren’t authentic because Akim was a journeyman and not a superstar. That’s how I read it.

It’s also how Wayne Simmonds and Akim Aliu read it as well:

Akim is a stud. He’s a leader with the Hockey Diversity alliance, and he’s ALL about using the pain he suffered through 12 years of racist hate he experienced in the game.

Watch Akim respond to the idea racist abuse he suffered doesn’t matter:

This isn’t the first time “White Power Steve” (who’ll be tweeting about his Jewish heritage shortly to blunt the anger from people with a heart and a brain) has used black men/athletes/execs to mock experiences he knows nothing about. He did it with Masai a couple of years ago. He rebuked the Raptors president’s “Black Activism” as a distraction from managing the Raptors.

Steve’s good like that. He uses other people’s misery for relevance or makes up stories when he can’t tell black athletes he doesn’t value them or their personal experiences.

Steve Simmons is useless, and he knows it.

He makes racialized statements for effect with a Newspaper no one reads, chock full of other racists who don’t give a fuck about news or making the world a better place. The Toronto Sun is owned by Post Media and doesn’t employ many people of color for a reason. Chatham Asset Management owns them out of NY – a hedge fund run by religious neo-con’s who gave the Sun to Ontario’s conservatives as a gift, and they LOVE them some race-baity clicks.

Every executive with every team he covers hates him.

The Leafs hate him.

The Raptors hate him.

The Blue Jay’s brass and players hate him. Fuck, I heard his son hates him too. I think his name is Jordan. I forget.

Now he’s looking for relevance from VERY dumb and white Toronto Sun ‘readers’ to tell black hockey players that the nightmare of their racist experiences isn’t valid.

That’s what Steve said. I’m not making it up or jazzing his piece for effect. And the Sun WILLINGLY published it. They need to be dealt with too.

Do you want to HURT Steve Simmons? Do you want to make sure Steve And The Toronto Sun FEEL this?

Let’s start a trend: #BoycottTheTorontoSun #FuckSteveSimmons will do it. I’m ready to start a marketing campaign behind the idea that a racist asshole like Steve and a neo-con agency like the Sun don’t deserve any quarter.

Contact and shame clients of the Sun. Email two or three Sun clients and tell them they are advertising with a newspaper that racializes black athletes. Tell them you won’t ever buy their products and interact with their brands as long as they choose to associate with Steve Simmons and the Toronto Sun.

Unfollow The Sun.

Shit post, @SimmonsSteve. Endlessly.

And don’t stop until you’re satisfied. Seriously.  Have fun with it, too.

A white person’s opinion About a black person’s experience is garbage

The Sun doesn’t give a fuck about the news; they only care about spreading divisive hatred on behalf of their stakeholders, and Stevie is the cudgel they need to seep hatred in the world of sports. 

White people have one job when it comes to the experiences of a person of color: shut the fuck up, listen and be an ally.

That’s it, that’s all. It’s simple and easy for an idiot like me, making me wonder how fucking stupid Steve Simmons is. Qualifying someone else’s life experience according to your metrics means you’re just a huge cock who doesn’t care about progress or being part of any solution that doesn’t make you the story.

Steve seems more concerned about protecting his privilege than giving it away to those who need it. Instead, he sends racialized smoke signals to his Ottawa Valley trailer park leaf fan base. He inserts hatred for relevance and then whines about it. That’s what old, angry, conservative, privileged pussies do.

So a hearty FUCK YOU, STEVE SIMMONS, And FUCK YOU, Post media. This gives guys like me an excuse to make your lives MISERABLE, and it’s my pleasure.


PS: Steve Simmons is the Brian Lilley of Ezra Levants, and he’s an embarrassment to the human race.







Dean Blundell

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