Video: Tracy Chapman Performed “Fast Car” With Luke Combs At The Grammy’s And She’s The Low Key GOAT

Feb 5, 2024

Tracy Chapman is that rare, overly private star you never hear or see anything about. “Fast Car” is my version of Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell. Luke Combs covered “Fast Car” last year and made it number 1, 35 years after Tracey released it.

And, It. Was. AWESOME.

I don’t know a human being who doesn’t know the words to “Fast Car,” and no matter where you are, when it comes on, you know the words. It’s one of those touchstone tunes for anyone over the age of 50, and it’s evergreen for every generation.

The 59-year-old hasn’t released new music since 2008 and doesn’t care about fame, money, or relevancy, which is how she’s stayed so relevant. She reads, collects royalty checks, and spends her time doing whatever the music industry’s key GOAT wants to do.

Tracey said she’s always been uncomfortable in the spotlight and prefers to be at home or with family. She supports various causes but doesn’t feel the need to tour or do PR for other people. She’s what we all kind of dream about being one day. Autonomous and immune to the trappings of bullshit.

It explains why she’s happy…

Oh, and last night’s performance with Luke Combs made EVERYONE under the age of 18 rush to iTunes. Her original version is number 1 this morning, 36 years after she released it.

Tracy Chapman has always been the low-key GOAT, kids.



Dean Blundell

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