Video: Trump Just Got Into A Fight In The Oval Office With Chuck And Nancy And It’s AAAWKWARD

Dec 11, 2018

….AAAAAnnnnd I’m pretty sure Mike Pence is sitting there pissing his own pants.

Well, he was bound to blow his load in public at some point.  That’s what Narc’s do.  They bundle it up pretending it’s all good until the ability to pretend to be patient (which is remarkable btw) disappears, and you get the angry narcissist ‘s true self.

Fuck, his head looks like its going to explode, huh???

And my God, Pence looks like he’s leaning away from the smell of a dying relative while trying not to seem rude.

Can this get any better with no context at all?


“You don’t have a chance.”


bill murray pointing GIF

Man.  I can’t wait for his sentencing.  He’s gonna be sooooo mad when he gets pinched for high crimes and misdemeanors, and he faces the hangman’s noose.  I’m reasonably sure there’s a decent chance he gets executed which understandably NO ONE in the right mind would blog about, and it probably won’t happen but if it did?  Wow.


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