Video: Trump Just Told Elon He Can Shove Twitter Up His Ass With A Rocket Ship

Nov 20, 2022

You kind of knew this would happen. And other than staying Truth Social replaced Twitter, Trump’s right. It’s a mess, and the second he tweets ONE TIME, Trith social will die, and he’ll owe his investors BILLIONS.

This was free, cheap PR for musk.

He ran a poll, used some Latin out of context, and said ‘The People Have Spoken,” putting the decision to unblock Trump’s account onto users instead of accepting the responsibility of courting an enemy of the state to a platform funded by several enemies of the state.

I don’t know if Elon thought this through.

The narrative the anti-Elon/anti-Trump crowd is successfully curating is “Elon is letting a man who tried to overthrow the United States Government back on Twitter, and it’s a national security risk,” and it’s working.

Last week I said I wanted Trump back on Twitter and meant it.

He’s so fucking stupid that he’ll run his mouth and compromise the shit out of himself, and I’m here for that. I also said he wouldn’t return to Twitter because his partners at Truth Social would lose Billions, and I think Elon knew that. At least, I thought he did.

Elon gave access to Twitter to a foreign agent who stole top-secret nuclear secrets from The US government. Giving him access to 82 million Twitter accounts seems to be a national security issue more than anything. I’d say that’s cause for concern regardless if Trump Tweets.

Elon didn’t think about the National Security angle, or he doesn’t give a shit like he doesn’t care if the NAACP comes for him and the few ad partners left on the platform. 

And remember Elon’s Latin Bullshit?

My guy Lindz offered up the full quote Elon bogied for out-of-context reasoning:

The dude’s a fucking fraud.


Dean Blundell

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