Video: Ukraine Army casually kicking live landmines off the road is EXACTLY why Putin is getting his ass kicked.

Apr 3, 2022

This is the kind of video that gives wussies like me pause for concern when it comes to my own intestinal fortitude.

How do you feel about yourself watching these studs boot these ACTIVE landmines like they’re clearing their kid’s toys out of the living room?

During the occupation of Iprin and Bucha, Russian cocks LITTERED those cities with landmines.  They doubled down after leaving that area leaving Ukrainians to deal with explosives at every major intersection, in city parks, hospitals, schools, and other high traffic areas. Putin’s entire MO is to kill and target as many civilians as possible because he’s a huge pussy who’s losing this war.  He pulled out of KYIV because Ukrainians have mowed down 20k Russians and Putin’s useless army doesn’t have enough gas or porridge but they have 20 million landmines to spare.  Banned landmines, no less (I think it’s funny that certain landmines ARE NOT banned).

Dodging landmines on the way to the grocery store would be a life-altering event for people like you and me. For Ukrainians, it’s called Saturday.  They’ve accepted personal risks we can’t imagine.  Dying is just another thing that might happen instead of something to be avoided at all costs.

Kicking live landmines into a ditch or navigating them with your Toyota on the way to the pub is child’s play when you spend 24 hours a day ‘ducking’.  They don’t care about anything that’s not essential and it’s incredible to watch that powerful perception at work.

You can’t fight THIS and win.  You can’t scare people who can’t be scared and you can’t imprison people with fear who feel NONE.

Since the war began 37 days ago:

Russia is -600 tanks.  Ukraine is +80.

For every Ukrainian Forces death, there are 7 dead Russain Soldiers.

20k Russian soldiers are dead and another 20k have gone “AWOL”.

Ukraine has taken back 10% of Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory.

Russia is in an economic freefall.


You can’t fight this and win.


Slava Ukraine!!!






Dean Blundell

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