Video: Watch Donald Trump Poop His Diaper At His 90s Themed Vanilla Ice NYE Party!

Jan 1, 2024

This is my nightmare.

Spending a night with a bunch of neo-cons ad religious debutants, and conservative “alphas” as Vanilla Ice does “Ice Ice Baby” while Donald Trump shits his Diaper.

You can see the moment of evacuation when he stops moving and stares into the poop abyss…

Melania has been smelling Trump’s shitty Diaper for 20 years. She gone.

This video comes the same week former Trump allies let it slip that he constantly smells like a fucking sweaty port-a-john. It’s been trending for two weeks.

Former GOP rep Adam Kinsinger confirmed it: Trump shits his Diaper so regularly he has a permanent shit hum. A stank. A malodorous scent that forces people within 12 feet to cover their noses because he doesn’t wear deodorant and can’t stop shitting himself.

Like he did here:

Poor Melania. Between Trump’s CPAP machine and his nighttime Diaper, she probably can’t keep her hands off of him at bedtime. LOL.

Trump has been shitting himself for years but threatened people in the know with legal death if they said anything, like his personal poop boy Keith Schiller.  He’s been cleaning Dementia Don up for 20 years and makes about 500k a year to wipe his ass and HAS to have a second or third pair of pants for Don on stand-by.

Now you know why Melania is MIA. After Keith was silenced, that job fell to Trump’s wife, and former first ladies don’t wipe geriatric asses. No way.

It makes me wonder who his new diaper genie is. Poor fucker.






Dean Blundell

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