Video – Watching Braden Halladay Shine On The Mound Is Some Kind Of Awesome

Shug McSween Mar 5, 2019

Braden Halladay is ready to take on the NCAA baseball world when he arrives at Penn State for next season. The 6’3 right-handed pitcher is now up to 84mph on the radar gun with his fastball, and once he adds some muscle onto the slim 155lb frame, expect the velocity to continue to rise. His cutter and his curveball are already above average and watching his mechanics with the way he holds his glove pre-windup, to the way he tucks in before delivering the pitch, the resemblance to his late father allows us all to take a trip down memory lane.

Watch for Braden as he finishes up his high school career in Florida, and look for him at Penn State next college season where it’s expected he could play a major role for their ball club. With pitches as nasty as these, no wonder scouts are already drooling over his makeup.

Speaking of mega-talent, let’s give Bryce Harper some serious props for changing his number from 34 to 3 after he signed a massive deal with Philly. With a gesture like this, it’s hard to root against Harper’s success.

Gone, but certainly never ever forgotten, we love you, Doc.


Shug McSween

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