Video: Wonder What Hell Is Like? Let This Christian Extremist Explain!

Sep 2, 2022

Christian Nightmares might be my favorite new follow.

The account posts the ridiculous nature of Evangelical Christians and their insanely demented world/afterlife view.

I was taught all this as a kid, by the way.

Hell sounds Uncomfortable.

Weeping. Gnashing of teeth. No peace and burning flesh for all eternity. Sounds terrible.

One issue?

Proof. Like, any.

Hell is a figment of the religious imagination. Christianity’s answer? A get-out-of-jail-in-the-afterlife-free card called “The Sinners Prayer.”

Pray “The Sinners Prayer,” and according to this zealot, you’ll go to heaven instead of hell. They sell it like fire insurance. It takes 15 seconds, and once you say “Amen,” BOOM. You have a ticket out of the pit of sulfur made specifically for Satan and all his demons.

It seems like a good deal until you lift the hood on the commitment of that bullshit prayer.

You have to hate gay people.

You can’t get vaccinated or accept modern science over your new Lord’s healing presence through prayer.

No pre-marital sex.

You have to condemn a woman’s right to choose.

You can’t have pre-marital sex.

No swearing or Ouija Boards.

You must give 10% of what you make to the Lord (Church).

You cannot spend time with or marry “Non-Christians.”

You can’t deny these wacky beliefs publicly, or you’re a fucking Judas (they deny it anyway because Christians don’t want you to know about the weird shit.

Christians believe the “Rapture” is coming. A biblical prophecy like the “blip” in the Avengers where 1/2 the world’s population disappeared. It’s coming soon, and their job is to prepare the way for the return of Jesus to take over all world governments.

Yes. They believe ALL of this shit, so I’m going to take a flyer on this guy’s “Hell Fire Insurance.”

I like it here, and I don’t feel like being that weird asshole who traded this precious existence to invite ridicule and persecution. I also don’t think like alienating others with hateful religious rhetoric about their lives because that’s what a total cock does.

Don’t be a cock. Say no to organized manufactured religion.

You’re welcome.




Dean Blundell

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