Videos Of Russian Soldiers Surrendering To Ukrainian Forces Are Pouring In AAANNNDD Russia IS F*****

Oct 6, 2022

These videos make me laugh.

While Putler pretends to be the big bad wolf, his soldiers are calling the “I Want To Live” Ukrainian hotline arranging their surrender by the thousands.


This great video explains how the “I Want To Live!” program works.

If you don’t want to get plugged by Ukraine’s superior armed forces, Russians are encouraged to call a number to make arrangements to give up at specific checkpoints across Ukraine. The tank crew generously donated that Russian tank and will also get a bounty for delivering that tank to Ukraine forces.

Straight cash, homies.

If Russians surrender with Equipment Ukrain can use to bash Putin’s head in, they get PAID, SON! It’s pretty cut and dry. Surrender your shit, and you’ll get rewarded and treated like a human being. Fight? You get shoved into the Ukrainian meat grinder.

I love the troll job by Ukraine. Flyers, loudspeakers and telegram advertisements encourage Russians to come into town for a bite to eat, surrendering in the process.

They’ll get 3 square meals, and they get to call their parents and loved ones with a distinct possibility they can start a new life in Ukraine, guaranteeing they won’t die.

That’s what you call a win/win/win.

Russians are surrendering by the thousands in the north, east and southern parts of Ukraine because anything is better than fighting for a guy who starves and beats you into a war.

Smart decision. Fellas. Listen to Zelensky.

Meanwhile, in Russia…LOL.





Dean Blundell

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