Viral Video: Dad of the Year Nomination

Joe Williamson Aug 16, 2022

One day ago a Dad account on TikTok who goes by the handle Tut141(no bio) submitted his nomination for what has to be a serious contender for Father of Year! It’s racked up over 11 MILLION VIEWS!


When mom has to work on Saturday. #saturday

♬ original sound – Tut141

It’s captioned “When Mom has to work on Saturday” and judging by the precision in which this move is executed, this is not Mom’s first shift on a Saturday. These two perform with the grace and eloquence of lifelong figure skating partners. It’s beautiful to watch.

Do I love the idea of Dad pounding beers with his toddler around a pool? Not at all, but I don’t judge because I don’t know the full situation. Maybe the person filming this is a trained lifeguard who’s completely sober and has been watching this unique bonding experience all day. But this is the internet, let’s ignore some of the red flags and just enjoy this for what it is, a great moment in Dadding.

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Joe Williamson

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