Wake up From The Nightmare Canada; Alphonso Davies Will Be Ready For The World Cup

Nov 6, 2022

Somehow, someway, Canada avoided the worst-case scenario. Alphonso Davies will be in Qatar for the World Cup.

Waking up this morning and learning that Alphonso Davies had suffered a strain and not a muscle tear filled me with euphoria. It feels like the end of a horror movie, and Davies is the surviving hero.

The World Cup was never going to be easy for Canada. Belgium and Croatia are two top countries in the world. Missing Alphonso Davies was a worst-case scenario I don’t think Canada could have overcome. Thankfully we won’t have to deal with that scenario. The medical staff at Bayern Munich became honorary Canadians today when they were able to give us the most important news we could have asked for.

I’m not one to let sports affect my mood in the long term. However, the Davies injury weighed on my mind all day Saturday. I wore my feelings on my sleeve, and I couldn’t shake the bitterness. It’s incredible how 24-hours can change everything. The World Cup is back on; Davies will be on the pitch, and all is right in the world of Canada Soccer again.

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