Wanna Make $3300 Cash And Spend A Week In Bed? You’re Welcome.

Nov 2, 2019

Researchers are looking for people to take part in a ‘Virus Shedding’ study.  If you’re a healthy adult between the ages of 18 and 45 Duke University was to shoot the flu virus up your nose thems spend a week in the hospital.

Source: For a handsome sum of up to $3,300, 80 adult participants across four research facilities will receive a nasal spray with the virus and spend at least one week at an inpatient facility until they’ve stopped “shedding” the virus — that is, potentially infecting other people.

As volunteers cough, heave, sleep, and shiver, researchers hope to glean how levels of preexisting flu antibodies will impact the duration and severity of participants’ flu symptoms.

The study runs now until May (the long end of a typical flu season) at vaccine research units at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development in Missouri, Duke University in North Carolina and Ohio’s Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Now, there are flu’s I’ve experienced that I’d gladly pay $3300 to not have but making $3300 in this economy if you have mouths to feed, sounds pretty good.
I mean, you wouldn’t want your friends at the pub knowing you missed last week’s Leaf game to take part in a ‘Virus Shedding Study’ so you’d have some lying to do but it’s $3300.

You can turn half a kilo of fentanyl into 1.6 million for $3300. You can pay a mortgage or buy a used car too if you don’t want to gamble in the deadly/crippling fentanyl smuggling epidemic.
Plus, you get to spend a week in bed having people bring you food, and the significant other /kids can’t see you because you’re in quarantine. Just tell the boss at your day job you’re sick and hospitalized with the flu the day you go in for the study.
It’s called ‘getting paid twice’. You’re welcome, friend.
Publically you’ll say you saw this post and you’ll probably tell people that you’d never do it. But you would. Everyone would for the right price.
Here’s mine.
The Flu: 5k
Mono: 50k
Pneumonia: 100k (it’s not as bad as mono but it almost killed me in the seventh grade so It gets respect)
Lupus: 250K-500k
Herpes or Aids Virus: 1 Mil
Loss of one or both arms: 10 -20 mil
Loss of one or both Legs: 10- 20 mil (who gives a shit, really. You’re an amputee who’s agreed to chop off limbs for money in this little game, so what’s the difference. )

Permanent disfigurement or paralysis: Start at 50 million depending on how messed up you are.

That’s a sweet rig for the gentleman with the robot arms and the harness accentuates his rock hard nipples perfectly.

Under my price scheme, this man has 20 million and never has to suffer the pain of a hangnail or feel the breathtaking pinch of missing the nail with a hammer.  He’ll open jars NO ONE in the house can open and stoke the cottage (bought with his amputation money) fire without a stick.

He should have just started with the Flu Study and worked his way up to this.

Try hard.

If you want the money and don’t mind becoming a human petri dish for seven days, hit up the people at Duke U or The Cincinnati Children’s Hosptial Medical Center if you’re in NC or Ohio respectively.

7 days.  No family.  Your own TV and Bathroom with nonstop room service.  Sure, you might puke and shit for 24-72 hours violently but you’ll weigh less and be $3300 richer after it’s all said and done.

Do it for a month? $13,200.00

Sick for a year? 158.4 K.




Dean Blundell

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