Want To Hire Disgraced Former Politician, Randy Hillier, To Mow Your Lawn, Pick Up Garbage, Trim Your Bush? Now You Can!

Aug 26, 2022

I’d pay to watch Randy mow my lawn, would you?

Randers will do it if you can dream it or need it mowed, severed, or trimmed.

All you need to do is email or call I’m for a quote, and I’m more than happy to share his information with you. Promoting a small business is essential and being the stand-up guy I am, I’m here for Randers.

Randy would need to get vaccinated before I’d hire him, but I would. He LIVES for this kind of work and is very good at it, so I hope he and his family can make a go of it. Nothing is worse than finding out ‘you broke in your late 60s with several expensive legal issues on the horizon.

And Randy’s daughter, Chelsea, might also need some financial help.

She was soundly walloped in court today over losing a defamation case last month and not posting a court-ordered public apology for trying to ruin the life of a professor named Esther Post last year.

Chelsea said she was bankrupt, and super mega promised to put out a proper retraction, including the many falsehoods she tweeted during her contempt trial. LOLZ.

James Bowie covered that today, too. He’s a beauty.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll see Chelsea on the backhoe with Randers on their lawn mower.

He was probably on a riding mower, with no shirt and a dart hanging out of his mouth.

That’s the next pic I’ll post.

[email protected] if Randy mows your lawn. We pay for pics! No, we don’t, But I’d appreciate it.


*One guy I’m happy for is Dr. David Fisman. He’s psyched for Randy’s new venture because his street has some trees that need pruning.

See how nice Dr. Fisman is? All that abuse by the Hilliers and Dr. David is cheerleading for Randy’s new business. Let’s all wish Chainsaw Randers the best of luck. Sincerely.





Dean Blundell

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