Was Buffalo’s win in Kansas City a statement game or just a good win against a good team?

Oct 21, 2022

Heading into week 7 of the NFL, it’s time to look at the state of the AFC East.

Every Thursday, I send four questions to Twitter analyst Kevin Guerard, and he weighs on the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills.

Are the Dolphins’ recent struggles vindication of how important Tua is to Miami?

I would say it is a definite indicator. The offence can’t seem to score TDs with the other guys. However, I think Miami, having lost their #2, 3, 4, and 5 CBs to injury, as well as both starting OTs played a massive role in their struggles as well.

Is there a quarterback controversy in New England?

Publicly this is Mac Jones’ team. But I can’t imagine the team turning away from the hot hand. For now, I think they will “be extra cautious” with Jones. Meaning they will keep him out until the rookie struggles. It’s only been two games. But if the rookie keeps playing like this….things will get interesting.

The Jets are now 4-2. Can we legitimately start talking about playoffs?

The Jets feel like the 2019 Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins went 10-6 that year and narrowly missed the playoffs. Like that team, the Jets are winning right now with defence and special teams. Hall has energized their running game, and the team hasn’t been forced to lean on Wilson yet. That will be the big test to determine if they are playoff ready.

Was Buffalo’s win in Kansas City a statement game or just a good win against a good team?

This was a massive win for Buffalo. It seems inevitable that Buffalo will meet KC again in the playoffs. The past two playoff meetings were in KC. This win gives the Bills the inside track at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. I think the success was a statement that this year, the Bills are the team to beat.

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