Watch: A New Docu-Series About Bob Marley’s Influence On Surfing & Skating!

Todd Hancock Sep 11, 2020

Bob Marley’s Legacy docu-series just released Ep.6 “Ride Natty Ride”, which documents the late reggae superstar’s influence on surfing and skateboarding.


A description of Legacy says it’s “a year-long audio and visual odyssey, featuring 12 newly crafted stories exploring Bob Marley’s impact today in celebration of #BobMarley75.”

Ride Natty Ride clearly shows Marley’s impact in Jamaica’s surf n’ skate scene. You get to see interviews with Shama “Superman” Beckford, Ivah Wilmot, skateboarders Froggboss WellRaggedy and Kaya Wheeler and Marley’s friend, Neville Garrick.


Marley would have been 75 years old in this year. Cool to see how far back his influence goes, right? He’s the true definition of a worldwide superstar.

Which other musicians should get a docu-series? Bowie? Hendrix? Prince? Cornell?


Written by Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock

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