Watch: On Anniversary of 9/11 Pierre Poilievre takes to the skies to sink to new low

Jason Pugh Sep 12, 2023

Everybody and their dog has now seen the video of the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, giving a speech over the PA system on a Westjet flight.

According to Westjet, Poilievre’s people spoke to their people and had this all worked out ahead of time.

Jennifer (@jenniferelle_) thought it was so nice that Westjet “let” their cabin crew make the final decision.

That’s just standard, Jennifer. The final call is up to the cabin crew and, ultimately, the captain.

So, since they got the orders from this guy:

The captain really only had to make the call of whether or not letting Poilievre give his speech would result in the plane ending up on the ground in a fiery crash.

By you’re logic it’d be like saying “This restaurant has their employees wash their hands after handling raw pork so they DON’T kill their customers. Sounds like a pretty good company to me!”

That’s, ah. That’s a pretty low bar ya set there.

Poilievre taking over the PA system like he’s living out some childhood dream is one thing. His team set it up, knowing that it would make the news.

That’s now the new low I’m talking about.

No no. The new low is he and his crack team exploiting any and everything they can to score cheap political points.

They didn’t ‘forget’ that it anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

As Vicki (@merry123459) posted:

They ABSOLUTELY pulled this stunt and tweeted about it on 9/11 on purpose!

Done on that very day to cause more outrage, which means more clicks, which means MORE shares of Pierre Poilievre’s message.

I don’t know if Poilievre’s team has hired the Ghouls of Topham Guerin this time around or if they just do all the dirty work in-house now.

So, just a reminder.

The same people who were clutching their pearls and OUTRAGED over the Prime Minister singing at a piano bar are shrugging off Poilievre using 9/11 to score cheap political points.

“Justin Trudeau sings Bohemian Rhapsody in London hotel days before Queen’s funeral: Canadian prime minister criticized for being ‘disrespectful’ and failing to show ‘decorum’ as footage emerges of his Saturday night fun”

Are shrugging off Poilievre pulling this stunt on the anniversary of 911.

“Poilievre, on the other hand, boarded a WestJet flight from Quebec City for Calgary and took full advantage of the captive audience by standing at the front of the plane and using the microphone that flight attendants use to articulate safety procedures.”

(Yes. I know I’m citing The Sun. That’s two low bars set in this post.)

Again, the hypocrisy is the point.

It goes to show that Pierre Poilievre just doesn’t care. Pierre Poilievre doesn’t care about 9/11 victims. Pierre doesn’t care about the victims in the other crimes he’s exploited to score cheap political points previously. Like making politcal hay out of the prisoner transfer of Bernardo the healing lodge transfer.

SCANDAL NUMBER FIVE – The one they dropped overnight: Healing lodge transfers

To be clear, When I say Pierre doesn’t care, I mean just about you or I.

Pierre only cares about Pierre.


Jason Pugh

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