WATCH: Pierre Poilievre absent for vote on his motion of none-confidence as he hobnobs with Toronto Bay St. Elites at $1725/person fundraiser

Jason Pugh Mar 21, 2024

Pierre Poilievre has been calling for a “Carbon Tax Election” for the past few days. Tonight, there will be a vote on a motion of non-confidence meant to bring the government down and force a snap election.

Read here:
MPs debating Poilievre’s motion of non-confidence in PM Trudeau ahead of vote

Members of Parliament are debating a motion of none-confidence moved by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While the procedural manoeuver is an escalation of the Official Opposition’s carbon tax pushback, it is not expected to result in Poilievre’s desired outcome of seeing the Liberal minority government fall on a matter of confidence.

That’s because the Liberals continue to maintain a supply-and-confidence deal with the federal New Democrats designed to keep Trudeau’s government in power until June 2025, in exchange for progress on NDP priorities.

This is serious stuff. This vote could mean that the man who set out to run to be Prime Minister a few years ago could finally end up in the PMO soon!

So, obviously, the Leader of His Majesty’s Official Opposition would be the first to rise to vote on the motion, which will undoubtedly lead to victory. Right?

Nah. That’s not PP’s style.

Just as he did back in December during the marathon voting stunt, Pierre, once again, isn’t rolling up his sleeves to get the work done. Instead, he’s off, just like he was during the overnight vote in December, hobnobbing with big city elites at a $1725/person fundraiser.

Back in December, he was partying with Montreal elites. Tonight, he’s in Toronto partying with Bay Street elites.

JB | Polisci started a great thread about it here:

So not only could PP not be bothered to show up for his historic vote this evening, he didn’t show up for Question Period. Pierre skipped QP because Pierre had better things to do than actually do his job.

So, as JB pointed out, Pierre let former CPC leader and current house leader of the official opposition Andrew Scheer lead the fight who started out today’s QP by demanding a carbon tax election:

Hey, Andy. If Pierre Poilievre is too lazy to do HIS job on such an important day, then he should step down and hand the reigns back to you. Right? I bet you could even get a new minivan and everything!

There was demand after demand by CPC MPs for a carbon tax election.

Deputy leader Melissa Lantsman had this exchange with Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson:

Which led to Lanstman saying this:

“Just because the minister repeats something over and over again doesn’t make it true.” – Melissa Lantsman

It could be argued that, of all of the hypocritical claptrap spewed by Conservative MPs that may be the most hypocritical statement of them all. Of course, as I always say, with Cons, the hypocrisy is the point because “triggering libs” is really the only thing they seem to run on.

Hey, Mel. I’ll say the same to you as I did to Andy. If Pierre Poilievre is too lazy to show up for this critically important vote, perhaps he should step down as leader, and you should take on the role, eh?

Here’s the video of the vote starting that JUST happened in the House of Commons:

Pierre did vote electronically:

And the motion failed:

Motion defeated.

So Pierre Poilievre is “ready to fight”—unless he has a fancy fundraising dinner to attend at The Permanent building at 320 Bay Street, Toronto.

That’s just common sense for common people, folks!


Jason Pugh

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